Couple’s Photoshoot in the Jordaan | Amsterdam Photographer

Lizzie & Max

A romantic walk through the Joordan area in Amsterdam. Spring is finally here and it’s the perfect time for a walk through Amsterdam. The streets are not as busy yet as they will be in summertime, but it’s getting warmer, the sun is shining and the life is coming back to the city. I met the two at Brouwersgracht right on the edge of the beautiful Jordaan, in close proximity to Central Station. It’s an impressive canal, with the typical Dutch canal houses on both sides, stunning bridges and trees on both sides of the canal that offer some welcome shade in the summer months. It was early evening, around 6pm and the sun was still beaming down, no clouds in the sky today. However, there was a cold wind going (which is pretty typical for the Netherlands). We had a little chat to get to know each other while walking along the canals to a different part of the Jordaan where we would have our photoshoot.
We immediately had a connection and Lizzie and Max told me everything about how they met and how they just moved to the Netherlands last year during Covid time. We continued our walk through the Jordaan and stopped every now and then to snapped a few photos, then continued walking and chatting. While they were a little nervous in the beginning (like most people are) and worried they would be too stiff, they got used to being followed by a person with a camera quite quickly and I was able to capture them very naturally.

It was quite a perfect day – the sun, this adorable couple, the stunning backgrounds of old Amsterdam – I could’ve gone on for a long time! Time flies when you’re having fun though, and so the hour was over in no time (probably better for my SD card, because I couldn’t stop clicking with those two, haha!). Thank you so much for trusting me with these photos, Lizzie & Max.


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