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Have you ever looked through one of your grandparents’ or parents’ old photo albums and thought: “How nice to have a special selection of photos printed out to look at every now and then”? Yes, me too. But with nowadays technology and every picture being just a click on your phone away photographs have lost a little bit of their magic. How many photos of you and your family do you have saved somewhere on your phone or computer but are too lazy to ever properly go through them, pick your favorite ones and put them in an album, let alone look at them together with your family? Exactly.  

There are certain moments in live that deserve to be captured in a special way, that deserve to be put in an album and kept like a treasure. Your beautiful baby belly, your baby’s first smile, your engagement or your grandparents’ 50th anniversary. 

It’s about your story, your family writing your own little piece of history. Unforgettable moments in life that we document once and get to cherish forever. Don’t miss out on this. 


225.- excl.
In around 2 hours we create a selection of wonderful memories of you, you partner and your little miracle in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. You are nervous about how to do the right poses? Don’t worry: I encourage my clients not to pose but to interact with each other naturally. Walk hand in hand, look each other in the eye, give little kiss – you already know what to do!

In an inital call we get to know each other already before the shoot  and you can ask me all the questions you may have. This is also when we can talk through outfit and location options.

Also a great gift idea!

You will receive a minimum of 40 carefully edited photos that you get to pick yourself.


250.- excl.

Diapers, homework, household…when you have a family taking photos sometimes is the last thing you make time for, but in the end we all love those memories dearly, so let’s make sure we make the time, shall we? 

In just about 1,5-2 hours we will go for a nice walk, have a picknick in the park, relax & play in your garden, bake a cake, build a snowman or go for a bike ride in the dunes (in short: have lots of fun!) while I will take a selection of candid & yet special photos for your family album. 

 Sound good? I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones!

You will receive a minimum of 40 carefully edited photos that you get to pick yourself. Price applies for a maximum number of 5 people. 

"The family is one of nature's masterpieces" - George Santayana

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