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Happy Anniversary!

I always find it soo interesting to meet new people though my photoshoots and there are some couples and families that are especially fascinating to me. Adriana and Sergio are definitely one of them.
With her being very outgoing, joking, laughing a lot and him being more quite and – seemingly – serious you would first perceive them as completely different.

After a while you notice just how well they go together and how their differences put them in a great balance.


In the beginning of a session I always tell the couples I meet that I want them to be themselves and have fun – and leave the rest up to me. Yes, in the beginning it can be a little awkward, especially if you’re a little camera shy, if there are people around, etc…but I do believe the best photos happen in the moments where you focus less on the camera and more on each other… Like in this case with Adriana and Sergio.

I asked them to do a little dance and after a while they started to actually enjoy it and came up with this little dirty dancing-movie scene.

I love it and in the final pictures you can feel their love and that her smile is real, and their hug is real. 

This is what it is all about to me. Capture the real love of real people. A little directions by me every now and then? Absolutely! But overall I want you to be yourself, because it will show in the photos whether you were uncomfortable or genuienly having fun. If you’re interested in a natural couple’s photoshoot in The Hague, Leiden, or other places in the Netherlands and beyond, you can read more about my packages, rates and how I work here.


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“The happiest couples don’t need to have the same character. They have the best understanding of their differences.”

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